There's no denying it; the Toyota Prius is more than a car, it's a revolution really. Since it was first introduced on the American market, the hybrid alternative has been making consumers turn their heads. Not to mention, continuously bringing automotive companies to the drawing board in search of a worth competitor.

In recognition of the avant-garde model's 10th year in production, at Sloane Toyota we'd like to highlight a story from Scott Burns. A business reporter who writes for the Houston Chronicle; Burns recently gushed about his Prius lauding it for its reliability and fuel-saving tendencies.

But back in the day, 2003 actually, there were plenty of cynics who speculated that the hybrid's battery wouldn't last and that it would have to be replaced, more than once. Happily, as Burns can attest, the Toyota Prius disproved that urban legend. The battery ran the distance, and it continues to carry on with gusto today, and into the future.

In fact, Burns specifies that the 2003 Toyota Prius, over the decade, only needed one major repair; a likelihood that's common with regular auto service appointments for routine maintenance. He'll have to pass his upkeep schedule to his 16 year old granddaughter; he's giving her the well-loved model to take her through her college years.

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