Toyota safety Sense

What Invest in Toyota Safety Sense™? Find out how you can Make Malvern area Roads Safer here at Sloane Toyota of Malvern

We've long thought of car accidents as inevitable -- an unavoidable a risk we all take when we pull out of our driveways every morning. But the automotive industry has been approaching road safety much differently in recent years, integrating high-tech collision protection and avoidance features into mainstream vehicles. Toyota has its own unique take on collision mitigation, and it's called Toyota Safety Sense™ (TSS). This suite of active technologies includes five separate driver assistance features that work together to help make roads safer -- and when you invest in a TSS-equipped new Toyota here at Sloane Toyota of Malvern, you make Devon, West Chester, Exton, Conshohocken and Thorndale roads safer every time you drive.

You can learn more about the function of each particular feature of the TSS system below:

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

  • Uses a preset following distance to avoid frontal collision when traffic slows
  • Determines distance based on readings from forward-sensing radar technology and a camera
  • Adjusts your speed accordingly to the speed and distance of the vehicle ahead of you
  • Resets to cruising speed when traffic allows

Pedestrian Detection

  • Identifies pedestrians in your path
  • Utilizes a camera that recognizes shapes as well as millimeter-wave radar
  • Emits audible and visual notifications when an impending collision is detected
  • Kicks over to the Pre-Collision System if driver fails to respond

Auto High Beams

  • Improves visibility during nighttime driving
  • Detects the headlights of oncoming vehicles using a camera
  • Moves between low and high beams as conditions dictate

Lane Departure Alert

  • Helps driver maintain intended path of travel
  • Senses painted lines on the road using a specialized camera
  • Gives audible and visual alerts when you veer out of your lane

Pre-Collision System

  • Works to avoids frontal collisions in certain situations
  • Bases reactions on information from forward-facing radar and a camera
  • Emits warning sounds and displays visual alerts in the event of an impending frontal collision
  • Intervenes with braking assistance
  • Takes over full braking if the driver does not respond

The availability of the TSS system varies by vehicle, but our knowledgeable staff can direct you toward the model with the safety features you're looking for. Let's help Toyota in its mission to make roads safer one high-tech vehicle at a time by choosing a TSS-equipped model that works with your budget and lifestyle. We invite you to stop by the dealership to learn more or reach out to our sales staff at 484-329-7300.

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