Why buy a Toyota Certified?

Why buy a Toyota Certified?
Why should you choose a Toyota Certified Vehicle
Each Sloane Toyota Certified Used Vehicle comes with a 3-month/3,000-mile comprehensive warranty from date of certified purchase. This warranty covers any repair or replacement of components which fail under normal use due to a defect in materials or workmanship. In addition, the following additional features are included:
Certified Warranty
Each Sloane Toyota Certified Used Vehicle is also backed by a 7-year/100,000-mile Limited Powertrain Warranty (from original date of first use when purchased as new). We also add a 7-year/100,000 mile 24-hour Roadside Assistance Plan (from original date of first use when purchased as new).
160 Point Inspection
At Sloane Toyota, only the best of the best are chosen to be Toyota Certified Used Vehicles. When we choose a vehicle for Toyota Certification, we have to do a little investigative work. Not only do we put each vehicle through an exhaustive 160 Point Quality Assurance Inspection, but we also run a CARFAX Vehicle History Report to ensure it's worthy of the Toyota Certification process. Then, each vehicle is reconditioned to Toyota 's exacting standards by factory-trained Toyota Technicians. We want the vehicles to look and feel as new as possible and we know you do too. We believe this helps maintain the value, as well as creates pride in ownership of a Sloane Toyota Certified Used Vehicle.

Extensive Warranty  The Toyota Certified Difference  160 Point Inspection Listing


    * CARFAX Vehicle History report run to ensure no DMV incidents such as flood, Odometer Problems, Lemon History exist
    * Transferable at no cost for added resale value
    * Travel Protection
    * Substitute Transportation
    * Toll Free Line Assistance
    * Auto-Eq a Personality Vehicle Selector, was designed and presented in 2008.

Benefits     Sloane Toyota     Private Seller
1.     CARFAX Vehicle History Report completed     Yes     No
2.     Safety, mechanical and emissions systems inspected     Yes     No
3.     Vehicle professionally reconditioned to Toyota standards     Yes     No
4.     3-month/3,000-mile comprehensive warranty from date of certified sale.     Yes     No
5.     7-year/100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty from original date of first use when purchased as new. (Available in U.S. and Canada )     Yes     No
6.     7-year/100,000-mile 24-hour roadside assistance plan from original date of first use when purchased as new     Yes     No
7.     All important information spelled out in purchase contract     Yes     No
8.     Trade-ins accepted     Yes     No
9.     Special financing available     Yes     No
10.     All details handled, including DMV work     Yes     No
160 Point Inspection Listing

1. Audio/cassette/CD system working normally, CD cartridge present (if equipped)
2. Antenna is present and functions properly
3. Radio speakers do not rattle at high volume
4. Remote entry system works properly
5. Theft-deterrent system works properly

6. Battery in good condition, has proper cold cranking amps and reserve capacity
7. Battery proper size and secure
8. Battery posts free of corrosion
9. Cables in good condition


10. Inspect brakes, calipers, lines and hoses
11. No excessive vibration during braking
12. ABS operates on "panic stop"
13. Parking brake sets and holds vehicle
14. Brake pads/shoes must have minimum of 50% wear remaining
15. No excessive grooving or heat checking of rotors or drums
16. Parking brake releases completely
17. Brake pedal free play and travel is normal


18. Change engine oil and filter
19. Check for evidence of sludge
20. Inspect for fuel, oil, coolant or other fluid leaks
21. Engine cold high idle correct
22. No abnormal engine noise at cold start
23. Throttle does not stick shut on cold start
24. Drivability OK during warm-up
25. Hot drivability OK
26. Engine reaches normal operating temperature
27. Engine fan functions properly
28. No excessive drone or vibration from engine
29. Drive belts and hoses free of cracks or damage
30. No damage to engine mounts
31. Check under-hood labels and decals
32. Engine compartment is clean
33. Under-hood heat insulator pad is clean
34. Engine free of excessive dressing
35. Inspect air filter
36. Oil, brake, clutch, transmission, transfer case, washer and power steering fluid levels OK
37. Under-hood fluids clear and uncontaminated

38. Engine coolant at proper hot and cold levels
39. Coolant specific gravity to -31° Fahrenheit
40. A/C cooling operation normal
41. A/C refrigerant sight glass clear
42. Heater operation normal


43. Exterior is clean and free of road residue
44. No cracked or broken lenses of exterior lights
45. Outside rearview mirror operates/lens is good
46. Glass free of cracks, stars and large chips
47. Glass is free of improper repairs
48. Bumpers are free of cuts, gouges and scratches
49. Body is free of all dents
50. Body is reasonably free of dings
51. Paint is reasonably free of scratches and chips
52. Vehicle is free of improper paint repairs or mismatched color
53. Hood and trunk latches working
54. Free of water spots
55. Paint is free of swirl marks
56. Paint has even, high luster
57. Paint is free of buffable scratches
58. Free of wax residue
59. Wheelwells are clean
60. Acceptable aftermarket items checked
61. Removal of unacceptable aftermarket items

62. Frame/Unibody check
63. Inspect body surface
64. Inspect panel alignment and fit
65. Inspect lower body and underbody for damage
66. Check exhaust systems and hangers

67. Master key is present
68. Fuel gauge reads correctly
69. Battery voltage gauge reads correctly
70. Horn works
71. Airbag deployment/replaced airbag
72. Speedometer and odometer work properly
73. Cruise control operation normal
74. Clock keeps time
75. All wiper speeds work correctly
76. Windshield washer operates
77. Wiper blades are in good condition and work
78. Wipers return to correct position when OFF
79. All mirrors have full range of adjustment
80. Windows operate normally
81. Window locks operate normally
82. Power windows operate from master switch and all door switches
83. Memory seat control operates properly

84. Day/night mirror operates and lens is good
85. Window tinting clear and free of bubbles
86. Cigarette lighter is intact and operates
87. Ashtrays function and are in good condition
88. Ashtrays and lighter are clean; no evidence of use
89. Headliner, sun visors, dash pad, upholstery, console, cup holders, trim panels, floor mats and carpets are in place and in good condition
90. Cup holder extends completely and sturdily
91. Doors open and close correctly
92. Door locks, including child safety locks, work properly
93. Seats, including all position adjusters, work properly
94. Headrests function properly
95. Rear defogger grid lines intact
96. Interior leather, vinyl, plastic, carpet and fabric surfaces are free of holes, rips, tears, excessive wear or fading
97. No evidence of previous improper repairs
98. Inspect seatbelt condition
99. Seatbelts have full range of extension and smooth operation
100. Seatbelts lock up per specification
101. Inside remote release operates normally
102. Interior is free of debris
103. Dash and vents are clean and properly dressed
104. All crevices are clean
105. Doorjambs are clean
106. Glove box and console compartments are clean
107. Seats, carpets, floor mats and headliner are free of stains
108. Free of odor, including heavy perfume
109. Glass is clean and free of streaks

110. Warning lights function
111. High and low beams OK
112. Headlight aim is OK
113. Taillights work
114. Brake lights work
115. Side marker lights work
116. Backup lights work
117. License plate lights work
118. Instrument lights work
119. Heater lights work
120. Dash light dimmer works
121. Turn signals operate correctly and self-cancel
122. Four-way flashers work
123. Defogger indicator light turns on with switch ON
124. Dome/courtesy lights operate with door cycles


125. Steering has normal feel in lock-to-lock turning
126. Steering wheel centered in straight line driving
127. Vehicle tracks and drives straight on level surface
128. Tilt steering wheel adjustment works properly
129. No excessive wind whistle or buzz
130. No excessive tire vibration or steering wheel shimmy at any speed
131. Interior free of significant squeaks or rattles
132. Inspect steering rack, linkage, bushings, control arms and dust boots

133. Inspect tires for defects, damage and inflation
134. Minimum of 5/32" tread depth remaining across tread width
135. All four tires must be of same brand, model, size, tread design, speed and load rating
136. Wheels are clean and free of brake dust
137. Tires are dressed, not greasy
138. Wheel cover caps secure with no damage
139. Inspect struts/shocks for leaks and wear
140. No damage to CV joints/boots


141. Transmission/clutch operates smoothly
142. Automatic transmission in "ECT" power mode shifts properly
143. Transmission gear ranges engage promptly while shifting when warmed up
144. Transmission shift lock and key interlock system OK
145. Transmission does not shift into overdrive when button is in OFF position
146. Inspect transmission case and pan for leaks
147. No damage to drive and axle shafts
148. Differential fluid level correct

149. Trunk is clean, free of debris, no stains
150. Trunk light and trunk trim appearance
151. Jack and tools are correct, present and secured
152. Fiber board tire cover is not broken/warped
153. Spare tire present
154. Spare tire and storage areas are clean
155. Spare tire is securely fastened
156. No signs of damage to spare tire
157. Minimum 5/32" tread remaining on spare
158. Spare tire has correct air pressure

159. Run and print a CARFAX Vehicle History Report/Check for outstanding Special Service Campaigns

160. Perform emissions test and/or state inspection, if required


    * Hybrid Vehicle Immobilizer System
    * Multi-Information Display
    * Inverter Coolant Level
    * Engine and ECT (Electronically Controlled Transmission)
    * ABS (Anti-lock Brake System)
    * EMPS (Electric Motor Assisted Power Steering)
    * CCS (Cruise Control System)
    * SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) Airbag
    * HV ECU (Hybrid Vehicle Electronic Control Unit)
    * HV (Hybrid Vehicle) Battery
    * Perform "Onboard Equalizing Charge" of HV Battery using Intelligent Tester
    * Fully charge 12-Volt Auxiliary Battery
    * Clean or replace Air Refiner Filter (A/C or evaporator filter)
    * Check Transaxle


    * "Fade-away" dome light works properly
    * Sunroof/convertible top operates normally through full range of positions
    * Convertible top lockout function operates
    * Radio security codes cleared
    * Navigation system works properly
    * Transfer case smoothly switches from 2WD to 4WD and back from 4WD to 2WD
    * Truck bed is in good condition
    * Truck bedliner is in good condition and secured
    * Tailgate functions properly
    * Rear bumper is in good condition and secured

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