There's more to a hybrid than just its powertrain -- at least there is when it comes to Toyota. The brand has always been a leader in hybrid design -- a pioneer of the gas-electric powertrain -- but this model year, the designers are stepping up to the plate to his this full redesign out of the park.


The 2016 Toyota Prius is longer, wider, lower, and downright edgier than its predecessors, and it looks more like a sedan than the econobox appearance of the outgoing model. It's jagged exterior light design and crisp body lines make for a much more menacing mugshot.


And then there's all of the new tech. Toyota really took the "innovative" image of the Prius and ran with it, equipped the 2016 model with such fancy features as a head up display, adaptive cruise control, and a self-parking system. You can get a feel for how automated parking makes the Prius even more practical by watching the video below:


Is a Toyota hybrid right for you? There's only one way to find out -- by test driving any of the 2016 Prius models here at Sloane Toyota of Malvern, of course.

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